Our main goal is to make sure each student is properly taught how to perform the Microblading procedure. We keep our class-sizes extremely small and extremely personal so that each individual receives the proper attention needed to learn this meticulous technique. Class sizes never exceed 4 students. We have two teachers to show different perspectives and different techniques to find what best fits each students style.
As a student, you will be receiving a Microblading kit that will give you enough supplies to get started in your new career! Even after your training in class, you will have full access to new education content in our private V4 Vanity group online. In this group you will also be able to ask any questions you may have outside of class!

Before the student attends our class, we highly recommend that they obtain the Hillsborough County Health Department tattoo artist license. YOU CANNOT WORK ON A MODEL IN CLASS OR ANYONE OUTSIDE OF CLASS WITHOUT THIS LICENSING! This is the licensing required to perform any Microblading procedure in Hillsborough county Florida.
Out of state/ County students will be required to obtain the proper licensing for their area as well as a guest tattoo artist license for Hillsborough County Florida if they are working on model in class. If the license has not been obtained prior to your scheduled class, please show us that you are in the process of obtaining the proper licensing *PLEASE ALLOW YOURSELF A MONTH TO OBTAIN ALL PROPER LICENSING*

We strongly advise each student bring a Microblading model on the second day of class. If a student is unable to bring a model, a practice head/ skin is available for purchase and is required to complete the course. We cannot stress the importance of working on a live model, we want each of our students to have real life experience before going out to work on their own.

Hillsbrough County Health Department contact information:

John Zaykowski 813-307-8015 extension 5945

Hillsboroug CHD, Environmental Health section PO box 5135, Tampa, FL 33675

Persons seeking licensure as a tattoo artist to complete an educational course approved by the department on blood-borne pathogens and communicable diseases and achieving at least 70% on an examination covering the materials in the course.

Reschedule and cancellation policy:
There is a $1000 deposit for the V4 Vanity microblading education course. The remaining balance of $1500 is due before the class begins.

Students may reschedule class with no fee as long as there is a one week prior notice.
Deposits are nonrefundable unless teacher cancels or reschedules class last minute. If a class is cancelled last minute, students may request to reschedule with no fee, and receive $150 off remaining cost of class, or receive $850 back from original deposit. Teachers are required to give a 3 day notice of any cancelled or reschedule classes. As long as a 3 day notice is given by teachers, no refunds will be given, and no reschedule fee will apply.